Mar 28

Workplace Bullying: Is it happening to you?

What is workplace bullying?

Your manager humiliates you at a meeting in front of your team. Your co-worker gossips and spreads rumours about you. A colleague deliberately withholds information you need to do your job properly. Your emails to a co-worker requesting advice or support are never answered. These are all types of workplace bullying. And it’s not just the odd person here and there who is affected by workplace bullying. Workplace surveys confirm that 70-80% of employees report they have experienced bullying at work.

Mar 14

Catastrophising: The disaster zone of your mind

Catastrophising thoughtsFor some people it can feel like each day is made up of one impending disaster after another. They constantly expect things to go drastically wrong and are often making safety plans to deal with disasters that haven’t happened yet. It is a stressful and exhausting way to live and often leads to problems with anxiety and depression. Learn 3 simple strategies to help you manage catastrophising thoughts and break free from the disaster zone of your mind.

Mar 1

Know the Signs of Postnatal Depression

Don’t suffer in silence

Postnatal depression

“I knew something was wrong but I couldn’t work it out as everything seemed fine. The birth of my first baby had gone well, but I just felt worried, overwhelmed and unhappy. I found it hard to concentrate and keep track of things like when the baby’s next feed was due. I ended up feeling like I was failing as a mother. I didn’t think I would suffer from postnatal depression”.

Knowing the signs of Postnatal Depression can help with early identification and getting treatment sooner rather than later. Don’t let yourself or others you care about suffer in silence.