Mar 28

Guide to Zoom for Online Counselling

Zoom into Online Counselling at Ahead Psychology Brisbane

A Guide for Patients to Install, Test & Use Zoom for Online Counselling

Zoom online Counselling

What is Zoom?

At Ahead Psychology we use Zoom to provide online counselling.

Zoom is an easy-to-use, reliable cloud platform for video and audio conferencing. It is used to deliver telehealth services around the world.

Although the idea of using online counselling is new to many, the response from our clients using Zoom has been very positive.

Even if you are inexperienced with computer technology you will be surprised how easy it is to use.

What do I need to access Online Counselling via Zoom?

To attend a Zoom counselling session as a patient you need:

  • A computer (desktop or laptop), tablet or smartphone (iOS or Android)
  • A web cam and microphone/speaker (or headset) – most laptops, tablets & smartphones have these built in
  • A reliable internet connection with sufficient data (4G can work but a wired or good Wi-Fi connection is better)
  • A suitably private space to do a counselling session

You don’t need a Zoom account to join a meeting as a patient.

Downloading and Installing Zoom

Downloading and installing Zoom is easy and should only takes a few minutes. If you plan to use:

  • A Desktop or laptop computer, go to and install Zoom Client for Meetings
  • An Apple ipad or iPhone, go to the App Store and install the free ZOOM Cloud Meetings app
  • An Android tablet or phone,  go to the Google Play store and install the free ZOOM Cloud Meetings app

Testing Zoom to ensure you’re ready for Online Counselling

Once you have installed Zoom we recommend you test your internet connection, microphone and speakers and camera prior to your scheduled appointment

To do this go to

If you need help, follow Zoom’s joining a test meeting instructions:

Attending a Online Counselling appointment with Ahead Psychology

If you have an online appointment on Zoom, simply click the meeting link we send you, and it will open in any web browser, or via the zoom app on your smart phone or tablet.

If you haven’t got Zoom yet, don’t worry, you will be prompted to download and install Zoom when you click the meeting link.

If Zoom doesn’t suit you or isn’t working for you, no problems. All our Psychologists are also offering telephone counselling services. Please let our Receptionists know if this is your preference when booking your appointment.


Below are some links if your video camera or audio isn’t working.

My Video Camera isn’t Working

My Audio is Not Working on iOS or Android

Allow Camera and Microphone Access in Kaspersky

More help is available on the Zoom troubleshooting page