Mar 1

Know the Signs of Postnatal Depression

Don’t suffer in silence

Postnatal depression

“I knew something was wrong but I couldn’t work it out as everything seemed fine. The birth of my first baby had gone well, but I just felt worried, overwhelmed and unhappy. I found it hard to concentrate and keep track of things like when the baby’s next feed was due. I ended up feeling like I was failing as a mother. I didn’t think I would suffer from postnatal depression”.

Knowing the signs of Postnatal Depression can help with early identification and getting treatment sooner rather than later. Don’t let yourself or others you care about suffer in silence.

Feb 17

Beat Anxiety: Avoidance & What to do About It

Why You Should Avoid Avoidance

Beat Anxiety
Have you ever put off doing something that you know you should do because you felt anxious or stressed about it?
Instead have you gone and done something else that is easier like cleaning the house, or distracted yourself with a more pleasurable activity like watching TV or eating ice cream? If this sounds familiar then you have used avoidance behaviours as a way of trying to beat anxiety.