Brisbane Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)

Ahead Psychology provides specialist Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) to Small and Medium sized businesses (SMBs) as well as Not-for-Profit (NFP) organisations  and Non-Government Organisation (NGOs) in Brisbane and regional areas.

How our Programs can help

The core of the Ahead EAP is short-term, confidential counselling services paid for by the workplace to help business owners, managers and staff to deal with psychological and behavioural issues that impact work and personal well-being.

Our Employee Assistance Program can be extended to include mediation and conflict resolution.

Ahead EAP can help improve productivity, morale, workplace relationships and safety. It can also help reduce absenteeism, presenteeism (where staff are at work but not fully functioning), staff turnover, employee grievances and legal and insurance claims.

Get Started

EAPs are quick and easy to set up and can be tailored to your specific needs. They can be offered as either:

  • A once off; we help an individual or group of staff members deal with a specific issue (e.g. a trauma, conflicts within a team, and personal issues impacting on work performance and well-being); or
  • As an ongoing arrangement; to provide access to counselling and support services to eligible staff (and sometimes their family members) as required.

Ahead EAP has its foundations in our private psychology practice where we have developed a reputation for clinical excellence and patient care.

Information for business owners and managers

About Ahead Employee Assistance Programs

Our Reputation

Our Employee Assistance Programs have grown organically over 10 years with many organisations seeking us out independently, often unsatisfied with the quality and cost of their existing EAP arrangements.

Today we specialise in Employee Assistance Programs for Small and Medium sized businesses (SMBs), Not-for-Profits (NFPs) and Non-Government Organisation (NGOs) based in Brisbane and regional areas.

We have been entrusted to assist in a wide range of workplaces in the education, retail, health, law, building & construction, real-estate, aviation, and hospitality sectors as well not-for-profit organisations and NGOs.

We have the experience to work with staff at all levels of your organisation from junior team members to managers, directors and business owners.

Our aim is to provide the highest levels of service to:
  • improve employee productivity, confidence and engagement
  • reduce workplace risk and absenteeism
  • promote personal well-being in the workplace
  • enhance employees’ work and family life

How to Get Started in 3 easy steps

Step 1: Contact Us

Call us on (07) 3352 3577 Call us on or fill out our Online EAP Enquiries form and we’ll contact you.

We can outline what options are available, explain how EAP works and answer any question you have.

Step 2: Tailor a service that suits you

Choose which service(s) you need and decide on:

  • Whether the service is to be ongoing or once off
  • Preferred referral pathways (self-referral and/or management/HR Referral)
  • Who will be eligible to receive services (one, some or all staff members, spouses, partners or families)
  • The number of sessions offered
Step 3 – Register your agreement

We’ll send you a short and simple service agreement written in plain-English which outlines terms and conditions and allows you to select the options you want for your EAP.

Once it’s completed and returned to us we set you up in our systems and you’re ready to go.

Why Choose Ahead for your Employee Assistance Program?

Higher Quality EAP Services

Ahead-EAP services are delivered exclusively by psychologists who are all:

  • Highly trained and experienced
  • Registered with the Psychologists Board of Australia (PBA)
  • Practice within the PBA endorsed Code of Ethics
  • Undertake a PBA approved program of continuing professional development
  • Hold Professional Indemnity Insurance

Many EAP providers use counsellors to deliver their services. Unlike psychologists anyone can practice as a counsellor as they are not required to have a license to practice and there is no mandated minimum training, qualifications or insurance.

Our psychologists practice day-to-day in real world clinical settings servicing a broad client base including the general public. This means they maintain currency with a wide range of presentations and can apply this experience to their work with your staff.

Easy set up and use

We have simple agreements written in plain-English that can be read in a couple of minutes and allow you to easily select the options you want for your EAP.

We have a central booking number and can match staff with the best psychologist according their individual needs. We offer consultations face-to-face at our premises as well and via telephone and video conferencing.

Services tailored to suit your needs

Unlike other EAPs you don’t pay for want you don’t need and won’t use. You choose what you want according to your individual needs.

Once-off or ongoing services to one, some or all employees (and spouses/partners and their family members if you want).

Cost effective and transparent

We charge only for what you use so you avoid waste and overpayment.

Our flexible ‘fee for service’ model means you know all costs up front and pay on an ‘as needs’ basis. Unlike most other EAP providers we have:

  • No annual management fees
  • No registration fees
  • No lock-in contracts
  • No annual retainers
  • No minimum spend requirements
  • No hidden costs
  • Regular reporting

The Scope of our Employee Assistance Programs

Trauma counselling can be required when staff experience or view events such as a fatality or serious injury, physically or sexual assault, severe verbal abuse and armed hold-ups.

This involves counselling for both personal and work related problems.

It can cover things like work pressures, emotional stress, anxiety, conflict, tension, and depression, separation, divorce, or relationship difficulties, child and family issues, personal trauma, grief and bereavement, health and lifestyle issues (including drugs, alcohol and gambling).

To help resolve interpersonal conflicts which can be damaging and, if ignored, can affect morale, and reduce productivity.

Counselling under-performing employees so they are more likely to succeed.

Examples include improving coping skills, developing effective problem solving skills, dealing with constructive criticism from managers and peers, overcoming procrastination, goal setting, and better communication.

Investigating and assessing functional aspects of the workplace including co-worker relationships, management structures, adjustment to change, productivity and goal achievement.

We have the experience to work with staff at all levels – from junior team members to managers, directors and business owners.

Ready to Get Started? Please call us on Brisbane (07) 3352 3577 or fill out our EAP enquiry form and we’ll contact you.

We can answer any questions you might have and get your Employee Assistance Program set up and available ASAP.

Once established our central booking office can match staff to the most appropriate psychologists according to their particular need.