Brisbane Marriage Counselling

Is your relationship suffering from arguing, disagreements, a breakdown in communication, anger, avoidance or physical conflict?

We can help you make real changes, get back on track and start living the life you want.

We have helped hundreds of people just like you manage and overcome their relationship problems through expert Relationship & Marriage Counselling.

  • Build a more satisfying relationship
  • Better understand your relationship dynamics
  • Improve your communication
  • Express, disclose and resolve painful emotions
  • Be aware of each others expectations
  • Manage conflict or disagreement – resolve conflict and problem solve in a productive manner
  • Work through unresolved issues
  • Negotiate changes within your relationship
  • Be amicable in the face of separation or divorce

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Things you should know about relationship problems

  • All personal relationships face difficulties at some time.
  • Most couples can resolve their day-to-day problems themselves but some become entrenched and threaten the relationship
  • Serious relationship problems arise from a wide range of circumstances but commonly include controlling behaviour, verbal abuse, imbalance of power, affairs, lack of intimacy, poor communication, loss of love, relationship neglect, sexual problems, problems from childhood and problems with parenting your children
  • Relationship breakdowns can have enormous negative effects on you and your partner, children and other members of the family, as well as financial, personal and social disadvantages
  • If problems become entrenched and seem unable to be solved, it is important to get professional help
  • Couples counselling can help manage and overcome relationship problems
  • Counselling can also help people who are separating and/or divorcing to deal with their grief and anger, to let go and move on with life

Are relationship problems stopping you from living the life you want?

Common problems that bring people to Relationship & Marriage Counselling include:

  • Frequent, unresolved arguments over things like parenting, family members, financial or career matters, gambling, addictions or other behaviours
  • Feeling dissatisfied and unhappy in the relationship
  • A loss of feeling – no longer being in love
  • Being disconnected, where you stop doing things together, or just living parallel lives
  • A preoccupation with things outside the relationship, leading to one partner feeling neglected
  • An affair – emotional and/or sexual infidelity
  • Unfulfilled emotional needs, feelings of hurt, anger, neglect or disrespect
  • Significantly different sexual needs or other difficulties with sexual intimacy

Get Relationship & Brisbane Marriage Counselling

When relationship problems become entrenched and seem unable to be solved by yourselves, it is important to get professional help.

For most people it is far better to get Relationship & Marriage Counselling than to dissolve the relationship.

Don’t wait

The average couple waits six years before seeking help once a problem is recognised, and only a small percentage get the professional help they need.

Half of all marriages that end do so in the first seven years.

If you think your relationship might benefit from the expert help of a psychologist, please call us on Brisbane (07) 3352 3577 or fill out our online Request a Booking form


Australian Psychological SocietyWhat causes relationship problems?

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